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From the desk of Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D.

Dear Frustrated Marketer and Business Owner,

Do you have a website that's just sitting pretty and not making any sales? Are you wondering what to do about it?

You've probably invested thousands in that website, so why isn't it doing its job? There's probably one great, big missing link: Great copy!

Most web designers are great at creating gorgeous websites, but they're not marketers. It's not THEIR job to create the copy. It's YOURS. Or rather, it's YOUR job to hire a copywriter who can write a compelling salesletter that will draw in your visitors and get them to take action.

What the right web copywriter can do for you!

The right kind of web copywriter really understands your product and your ideal audience, and can create copy that makes them SALIVATE over your products (or services).

Must. Have. Now.

That's exactly what you want your website visitors to think. And you can help make that happen with the right copy.

You want a web copywriter who "gets" your product and understands your customers. You want a sales page that turns browsers into buyers. Preferably without paying an arm and a leg?

You want someone who has a real knack for persuasive writing and a deep understanding of what makes buyers tick. Someone who's an expert at marketing and who will take the time to really understand what your product is all about, and translate it into riveting headlines and bullet points.

Who am I and why could I be the copywriter for YOU

Hi. My name is Elisabeth Kuhn, and yes, I have a Ph.D. - in Linguistics! And a Masters in Creative Writing as well as a passion for Marketing.

After years as a college professor, I discovered copywriting. It changed my life - and career! It was the perfect way to combine my writing skills, my linguistic expertise, and my passion for marketing.

Web Copywriting Can Turn Your Website Into A Money Maker!

I started by writing website copy for lawyers, and when they loved my work, I expanded to internet marketing products, coaches, and health professionals.

Then I didn't stop with website copy either! I also write special pre-sell reports, opt-in pages, and follow-up email series that my clients can add to their automated follow-up system and make more sales.

Should YOU Hire A Copywriter?

Absolutely, in two types of situations:

When you're launching a new product or service, you'll need a sales page. In fact, this is true even if you're offering something for free, like a webinar or a teleseminar. People are busy and you'll still need to sell them on those - though the copy can be a lot shorter.

And you also need a good copywriter if you already have a sales page, but people just aren't buying...You probably wonder what the heck is wrong. I can probably tell you when I take a look at your page. In fact, I do offer sales page critiques too...

Is your sales page just sitting pretty in cyberspace...
without doing much for you?

Or not so pretty...  What could be wrong, you may wonder... Chances are, that either your copy could be better, or your offer isn't very compelling. Maybe both.  

And every day it's sitting there, letting yet another potential buyer get away, it's losing you money. Maybe a lot of money. You've got to do SOMETHING!

You need a sales letter that grabs your targeted leads by the gut and won't let go until they pull out their wallet...  Let me help you out...

Here's a secret you may not have heard about...

You also need an offer that delivers!

In fact, unless you have a compelling offer, the best and most expensive sales letter won't do you much good.

Imagine having Frank Kern write you a six figure sales letter.  But if your offer doesn't work, he won't sell too much either.  And if he does, you'll get a flood of refund requests. Now that's something to be avoided at all cost, right?

So what makes an "offer" compelling enough to make your prospects pull out their wallet so fast it leaves skid marks?  I'll be happy to help you put together an offer package that works.

"WOW, I really like the copy!"

"I have recently worked on a project with Elisabeth. It was the first time I worked with a copywriter and the experience, service and quality of work Elisabeth provides exceeded all of my expectations."

She takes the time to review your product and offer and then creates an effective selling proposition that hit all the hot spots of your prospects. I could not be happier with the end results and I'm currently working on a few major JV deals thanks to Elisabeth's letter. Especially for this price, you'd be crazy not to take up this offer!

Highly recommended, and thanks again Elisabeth!"

X.C.Tang, Warrior Forum

If you're wondering why you need a fancy sales letter if the product is the thing that makes the difference...  here's the answer: With a great sales letter, you'll sell a lot more of your product. You don't want to leave money on the table, do you?

And the sales letter is just the beginning...  You know how people have become more and more tight-fisted when it comes to their wallets?  They don't buy like they used to.

"I like your sales copy."

"I like your salescopy. It's great. Kind of refreshing actually. Love the story angle you took for the referral copy.".  

Ewen Chia

Another fact of life...  People don't buy like they used to.

Not as fast anyway. In fact, they never did buy all that quickly.  Even back in the good old days, most customers had to look at that sales letter up to seven times until they bought.

The problem? How do you get them to look seven times?  Do you think they'll bookmark your sales page so they can come back seven times and ponder it?  

Fat chance!

Instead, you need to follow up with them.

But how?


Here's the secret to lucrative follow-up:

You send them to something called a "squeeze page" first before you send them on to the actual sales letter.

There, you offer them a free gift that will give them a taste of your product, but not the whole story. In fact, if it's done right, it just whets their appetite for the real thing.

And that's great. But here's an even bigger reason why squeeze pages work:

Your prospects will have to give you their email address in exchange for your freebie, and those email addresses allow you to follow up.

"I love it!"

"Thanks so much for the copy you wrote for my website! I love it! You made the words flow so smoothly from one thing to the next, which makes it very compelling and almost impossible to stop reading, and then click on the link! How do you do that?".  

Vickie Griffith, Break-through.org

And follow-up means that you send them a series of carefully crafted email messages that will, guess what, send them back to your sales page!  At least seven times. As often as needed, plus you can send them to other offers as well, eventually.

The result? A growing list of leads and buyers!

Sooooo... Guess what! I've got my own sign-up box right here:

Would you let me send you my sales tips in exchange for your email address


Once you've signed up and you got your free special report, I'll send you more tips, plus the occasional special offer.

And when you are ready for a web copywriter,
just hit return and we'll talk.

"She is going to become an "A-level" copywriter, very quick."

"Having worked one on one with Elisabeth, I can attest to her skills. She is going to become an "A-level" copywriter, very quick. I'd like to take credit for this, but when she came to me she was already a good copywriter!"

"This is a great deal, and people would be crazy to pass it up."

Jason Fladlien

So why not take action NOW!  

If you have a project that could use some kicking copy, send it on over.

And if you're working on one, why not lock in the current affordable rate!

I write full sales letters, short sales letters, autoresponder emails (I love doing those!), squeeze pages (email me if you want to know what the heck those are), and also regular web pages that sell.

FAST ACTION Spring Special!

"Money Loves Speed!" as Joe Vitale likes to say. So I'm offering a fast action special!

Here's what I'll do for you if you choose the complete package:

  1. Research (I'll get into your prospects' minds and find their hot buttons and what they really want.)
  2. Compelling copy, crafted to address all those hot buttons, and to make your prospect salivate at the prospect of getting his or her hands on your outstanding product or service.
  3. Brilliant bullets! I'll find the most outstanding features in your product and craft them into irresistible bullets.
  4. Seductive stories! Designed to draw in your prospect and get them emotionally involved, thereby increasing their desire for your product.
  5. A squeeze page that compels people to sign up for your ethical bribe, either crafted around the ethical bribe you create, or, for the complete package, one I will create for you.
  6. An autoresponder series that will follow up with your prospect and help them to get to know, like, and trust you, all the while, gently coaxing them towards making that purchase.
  7. As a special limited-time bonus, I'll also create a couple of keyword optimized articles that are designed to send your prospects to your squeeze page and make them highly receptive to your offer.
You should know that these bonus articles will be crafted for high click-through rates, and will be there for a long time to come, sending you prospects even after your PPC ads are ancient history.

Ready to Take Action?

Right now, you can get the whole package at a Special Spring Fling Rate!

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Want to see sample sales letters?

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I'm looking forward to talking with you soon.

And helping you sell....

Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D.